Hasu Patel

Hasu PatelHasu Patel, is one of the few world-class female artists performing today classical music on Sitar, the most popular string instrument of India. She is the performing artist for the Ohio Arts Council, Greater Columbus Arts Council and Mid-America Arts Alliance. She is a Board member of International Alliance of Women in Music(IAWM). Hasu teaches Classical Music of India at Conservatory of Music at Oberlin College, Ohio.

Heritage Fellowship Information
Hasu Patel received a 2018 Ohio Heritage Fellowship for performing Arts. As a performer, composer, and educator, she has dedicated her life to preserving and propagating the traditional music of ancient India in its pristine purity. She conducts residencies, workshops, lecture-demonstrations and performs Sitar concerts at schools and universities, performing Art Centers, Music and Sound Healing Conferences, World and Jazz Music Festivals, Classical Dance Ensembles, Radio/television stations and churches/temples/Yoga Ashrams around the world. She has composed two Sitar Concertos featuring Indian Classical Ragas and performed the world premier of ‘Swara Mangalam’ and ‘Mangal Dhwani’ with Doctors Orchestra of Houston and Plymouth Canton Symphony Orchestra. She is the first woman to compose as well as perform with orchestras. She has also composed the music and performed live for Indian Classical Dances such as Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Oddisi and Kuchipudi.

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