Roy Adams

Blacksmith Roy Adams has been forging since 2008 and opened his forging company in 2012. Roy has had extensive blacksmith training. He has studied under master smiths Peter Ross, Thomas Latane, Clay Spencer, and Wayne Apgar. Roy is actively involved in the blacksmithing community and frequently teaches classes on a wide array of topics from ornamental iron flowers to wrought iron hammers. Additionally, he has a YouTube blacksmith channel where he teaches forging techniques. He lives in the countryside outside Dayton, OH with his wife and three children.

Ohio Heritage Fellowship Information
Roy Adams received a 2017 Ohio Heritage Fellowship for Material Culture. Roy Adams began forging in 2008, quickly found his passion in his craft, and never stopped learning. Even though he is fairly new to the art form, he has studied under several different master smiths, After attending several nationally known arts and crafts schools including the John C. Campbell Folk School and Touchstone Center for the Arts, he turned his passion into a way of life when he began his own company in 2012. Mr. Adams is a member of the Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil Association (SOFA} where he has quickly developed a reputation for his artistic details and his ability to complete projects with excellent presentation. Most importantly, Mr. Adams shares his craft with the larger community. He often presents before Boy Scout troops, school groups, and community events. He has taught several workshops for SOFA members, including forging flower roses, lilies, and irises; and forging a wrought iron hammer.

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